AVID Logistics was founded in 2009 by CEO Patrick Graves, with the vision of revolutionizing the warehousing and fulfillment industry. With the main focus on warehousing and distribution, we look to encompass a full range of services that help in growing your company and building your brand. We look to provide a boutique feel for our customers, while at the same time providing cutting edge technology, which allows them to have the most efficient way to handle the many different selling platforms available. We pride ourselves on world-class customer service, giving our customers that sense of comfort they deserve.

We have assisted businesses of every size and in many different industries. We realize that every customers needs are different, and approach each with an open mind as to the best way to help them succeed. We can warehouse and secure many different types of products, while managing any kind of volume. Whether your needs are for pick and pack, cross docking, retail distribution, kitting, e-commerce fulfillment, drop shipping, EDI processing, or the many other types of fulfillment, we can handle it.

We use a state of the art software that provides our customers with complete online transparency. This software enables the customer to have real-time global inventory visibility and control. It provides powerful reporting at the customer’s fingertips, along with instant status updates and the ability to receive notifications for any type of stock movement. This software can also connect directly to any e-commerce, eBay or Amazon platform, creating one less step for the customer to worry about. We continue to work with our programmers to find new ways of being ahead of the curve and setting ourselves apart from the field.

Our beautiful facility is located in Los Angeles, conveniently close to both the port of Long Beach, and Los Angeles International Airport. In this great facility, our amazing team of incredible, well trained and knowledgeable staff, work extremely hard to give our customers the edge that is needed in today’s competitive markets. We’d love to have you come by and visit!



Our mission is to revolutionize the fulfillment and distribution industry by taking the partnership we have with our customers to new heights, and providing them with the tools necessary to catapult their growth. We intend to do this by helping them launch, sustain, and expand their brand or company by providing them with a variety of services. We spend the time to learn and help determine what is needed for each individual company we are fortunate enough to work with. Our main focus is providing our customers with world-class customer service, giving them the feel that we are an extension of their company.